How to install CentOS 8

CentOS 8 is now officially available to download you can go to the link provided on our homepage to install CentOS 8. Once you downloaded the ISO file you can burn that ISO to a disk. Use that disk for installation or if you are using any virtual environment as most people does then you can use that iso directly for the installation process. Once the disk is attached to the server boot from the installation disk and it will start the installation screen.

Step 1: Choose Language of installation process

Step 2: Choose Installation Destination

Step 3: Select Disk and use automatic partitioning for now

Click on Done after selecting the disk. This will take you back to the installation summary page

Step 4: Click on Begin Installation to stat the installation Process

Step 5: Set the root password and Create User

The package installation process will start wait for its completion

Step 6: Once packages are installed you can reboot the system

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